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Intensive Course Blog


What's up guys. This Intensive winter course was taken by Ryuma and Togo. For two days we hung out, practiced, ate, watched movies and , of course, practiced English.

The theme of the course was "Censorship". The question posed was: Is Censorship a good or bad thing? When should it be used and when should it be eliminated?

Ryuma and Togo thought about this and wrote the following.


Is censorship a good thing or bad thing?

Censorship is a good thing.

  1. Censorship is needed when somebody is discriminating.

  2. If someone spreads false information, then censorship should be allowed.

  3. If someone posts excessive behavior on the internet, that person should be censored.

Censorship is a bad thing.

  1. Going on social media is fun because we can hear different opinions. If there is too much censorship allowed, it will no longer be fun.

  2. Censorship is bad when someone talks about another's personal life to others.

  3. Winnie the pooh was censored in China. It's hard to imagine when you reach this level of censorship.

Put simply, between security of the society and imagination/creativity we must find a balance.

Is censorship a good thing?

  • Yes, we need more of it.

  • No, we need less of it.




Who is Elon Musk?

Like to the video back in 2019 February the 6th 2018; Elon Musk launches the world's most powerful active rocket, catapults his Tesla sports car into space, and vertically lands two of the rocket boos


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