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Tak Amaruの最新の本、「英語でこれが言えたらカッコいい」は教師と生徒の両方(中級から上級レベル)にとって素晴らしいツールです。人の会話能力を高めるように設計されていますが、目標を達成するために難関を克服する主人公とストーリーを特徴とすることで、学習者を鼓舞します。この13ユニットのコースは、真の英語表現の道への大きな足がかりになることでしょう。 Tak Amaru’s newest book, Keeping it 100% in English: Illustrative Stories to Educate and Inspire Conversation is a great tool for both teachers and students (at the intermediate - advanced level). While designed to increase a person’s conversation ability, it also inspires the learner by featuring stories with characters who overcome overwhelming odds to achieve their goal. This 13-unit-course is a huge stepping-stone on the path of true English expression. This is a 13 units course will help you enhance and comprehend the English language. Unit 1 - Momotaro 1 Unit 2 - Momotaro 2 Unit 3 - Foolish Pride Unit 4 - Rui’s Determination Unit 5 - Lonely Elephant Unit 6 - Judging a Book by its Cover Unit 7 - Lady Sings the Blues Unit 8 - 47 Long Years Unit 9 - The Big Payback (47 Long Years part II) Unit 10 - Born to Compete Unit 11 - Ancient Egyptian Story Unit 12 - Risking it All Unit 13 - A Valentine’s Tale



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