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Learning a language is like learning an art. The concept  behind learning an art is mastery of self expression. Take the logic The basics of any language can be understood logically, but the ability to speak naturally is based on making the language part of you. Edutainment is a mix between education and entertainment that helps in not only understanding language but making you want to be a part of the world behind it.


Teaching is half learning. After studying in Japan for a number of years and learning the language & culture, I got to a point where  I realized that I no longer needed a teacher to learn. Having fun speaking was the best experience. I noticed that speaking englsih was mostly viewed as a chore rather than a game. I framed a self-study method based on what was need for daily conversation and use it for any language I decide to study. The trick is to become your own teacher. Remember, daily conversation is Beginner Level when studying a language. In class, daily conversation speaking practice is emphasized and self-study is encouraged for reading & writing.


The ultimate goal of a student is using the new language as second nature. 2nd nature means something you can do easily or without much thought because you have done it many times before. They student should learn how speak smoothly and coherently without assistance. Self-reliance is key to confidence in speaking and fluency in the language. A teacher's goal is get the student to the point where they no longer need the teacher!

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