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Lah-Lah Lotta Love


Love - an emotion desired by all, and misunderstood by a few. It’s an intriguing feeling that some people assert as the only thing that matters in life.

In fact, love is everywhere. It’s been portrayed in all formats. Movies, literature, songs, even on TV commercials, groceries, billboards, you name it. It works like a magical substance, leading you to irrational and impulsive decisions. It’s been the primary focus of harmless American movies and Shakespearian tragedies alike.

Love plays tricks on your brain. When people speak of love, they may mean infatuation or physical attraction. Happy couples fall in and out of love all the time, changing their minds at the speed of light. Suddenly, the whole relationship goes sour.

Despite the turnabouts and heartbreak between couples, there is another level of love: unconditional love. Think of devoted parents strongly connected to their not-so-perfect children; they see the beauty in spite of their sons’ and daughters’ bad habits.

This month, everyone will have a chance to share their feelings with their loved ones. Regardless of age, race, gender, civil status, distance, time, intensity or gifts, feeling love can inspire you to be a better version of yourself, and to see the world as a better place to live. This month is a time to remember to give more love, without expecting anything in return.

Emilio Murata


Assert - (…を)断言する、力説する、強く主張する、断言する、(…が)断言する、主張する、自説を主張する、我を張る、でしゃばる、現われる

Desire - (…を)強く望む、欲求する、望む、願う、希望する、ほしいと願う、要望する、(…を)性的に欲求する

Despite - …にもかかわらず

Go sour - 酸っぱくなる、嫌いになる、うまくいかなくなる、疎遠になる

Misunderstand - (…を)誤解する

Impulsive - 一時の感情に駆られた、衝動的な、直情的な、推進的な、瞬間力の

Infatuation - 夢中にさせること、のぼせあがり、心酔、夢中にさせるもの

In spite - にも関わらず

Intriguing - 好奇心をそそる、おもしろい、おつな

Irrational - 理性のない、分別のない、道理のわからない、不合理な、ばかげた、無理の

Play tricks - 策を弄(ろう)する

Portraited - 肖像(画)、肖像写真、ポートレート、生き写し、生き生きした描写

Regardless - 不注意な、むとんちゃくな、(…に)不注意で

Turnabouts - 方向転換、旋回、(思想・政策などの)転向、裏切り、変節、回転木馬

Unconditional - 無条件の、無制限の、絶対的な





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